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1.5 year course (Beginning in October) /

Beginner II~Advanced

2year course (Beginning in April) /Beginner I~Advanced

Beginner I

N5 level

Level Class hours Outline of Classes
Beginner I 200 hours Study of basic grammar for N5 Level. Reading and writing of Hiragana, Katakana and basic Chinese Characters. Accurate writing of numbers, time, words and using them to make conversation.
Beginner II 200 hours Study of basic grammar for N4 Level.Advancement toward improvement in reading, writing and conversation for everyday use inside the classroom.
Intermediate I 400 hours Study of grammar for N3 Level and advancement toward improvement of everyday conversational skills.
Intermediate II 400 hours Study of grammar for N2 Level. Accurate reading of full sentences, writing of sentences as a monograph. Conversation at natural speed while speaking without giving consideration to your own language.
Advanced 400 hours Study of grammar for N1 Level. Reading of newspapers, essays, monographs and abstract sentences.

Status of acquisition of Japanese language skills, etc. of those who have completed the course. (PDF/Japanese)

Self check, Evaluation activities(PDF/Japanese) as of 26th June 2023

Notified Standard Periodic Inspection Report (PDF/Japanese) as of 1 April 2023

Beginner II

N4〜N3 level

Intermediate I

N3 level

Intermediate II

N2 level


N1 level

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