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This school is managed by the Japanese manufacturing company “Sankyo MFG Co., Ltd” which was established in 1929. We have had a great deal of experience giving employment to peoplefrom overseas in particular from South-East Asia, and enjoy a good relationship with many companies and people in those countries.

Recently, Japan has suffered due to the disproportionately lower number of younger persons within the population, as opposed to those of advanced age. Therefore, based on our experience at Sankyo, we think that Japan has an important responsibility to pass on the vast wealth of knowledge from those older members within our society, not only to the youth of Japan, but also to young people overseas.

To fully understand the aforementioned knowledge, be it technological or otherwise, it is paramount to gain an understanding of both the Japanese language, and Japanese culture.

We are able to provide you with the necessary Japanese language skills which will open the door to many avenues of opportunity, including advancement to university, to visit manufacturing companies, giving you the chance to gain valuable insight into both the latest production techniques,and the thought process behind them. We aim to offer you the chance to open up your horizons, by giving you the tools needed, through Japanese, to dictate your own future, be it educational, cultural, or social.

Thank you.

Terumasa Matsumoto Director

Sankyo MFG Co., Ltd

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